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Blossom Flaxmill

I’ve lost my manual; where can I get a replacement?

You can download it right here! Blossom Flaxmill Manual

Why does my mill “gunk” up when I grind raw sesame and how can I prevent this problem?

This happens because of the natural, healthy oils found in the seeds. The problem can be avoided by grinding perpendicular to your table. Never use the mill at a 45 ° angle, as this will cause grindings to build up behind the automatic open/close base. More frequent cleaning (than what you would do when using flax) is also recommended to keep the mill in proper working order.

My mill is letting whole flax through! How do I adjust the coarseness?

Actually, coarseness cannot be adjusted; the purpose of the Blossom Flaxmill is to simply crush flax and release the important nutrients within the indigestible shell. You might check to see if the screw nut on the base of your grater is loose. If it is, turn the nut clockwise until it is tight. This will alter the crushing and correct any problem you may have perceived.

Blossom Choco.Nut.Cheese Grater

I’ve lost my manual; where can I get a replacement.

You can get your replacement right here: Blossom Choco.Nut.Cheese Grater Manual

It is very hard to grate my ingredients. What helps?

Food blocks need to be sized to fit loosely into the clear dual chamber; this will solve your problem.

The plunger is retained in the shaft and interferes with cheese loading; what do I do about this?

Replace the top cap, turning it clockwise until tight. Raise the plunger by turning the clear container counterclockwise until “click” sounds. OR… use the rotary base cap to quickly raise the plunger (see figure 2 in the manual for illustration).

The grater disk becomes loose while in use; how do I solve the problem?

Twist the grater disk tighter by using the base cap as an aid (see figure 14 in the manual for illustration).

The threaded shaft is wobbling/loose; what do you suggest?

Check if the washer is in place. If it is, turn the stainless steel screw nut tighter as tight as possible.

I’ve lost my washer; what do I do now?

Great news! We’ve included two extra on the base cap, for situations just like yours. Simply pinch the split post closed and slip a washer off to use.

Grating takes too long – is there a faster way?

Yes! Consult the manual section “Speed Grating” on page 4 for an explanation on using the rotary base cap to increase grating speed.